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Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses 

Never put in contact lenses before? Never fear, it’s not as daunting as you may think. As with most things in life practise makes perfect. It is important to understand how to care for your lenses and how to wear them safely so you can wear them again, and again... and again! Follow our handy information in this guide so you can successfully enhance your costume and have hours of colourful fun.

The key to ensuring healthy happy lenses is keeping them squeaky clean at all times. Always thoroughly wash and dry your hands before and after the delicate handling of your lovely lenses. Keep them stored in a nifty contact lens case whilst you’re not partying in them. When it comes to contact lenses, say no to H2O. Always rinse your lenses in contact lens solution, not water.

Reminder: Our guide is meant for informational purposes only; it is not definitive and should not be taken as medical advice


Inserting Your Colored Contact Lenses


Okay, so it may take a few attempts to get the contact lens in the correct position. Don’t panic, this is completely normal unless you’re a contact lens wizard. It will become much easier with practise and as your eyes become accustomed to the new sensation. Just be patient and calm, you can do it!

Make sure you’re in an adequately lit room with a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. No matter how many carrots you eat, we recommend not trying this in the dark. Most people go for the bathroom. Ensure the surface underneath you is clean just in case you drop a lens. A towel over the sink for example so you don’t accidently wave goodbye to your lenses.

Keep your mits nice and clean. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your colored contact lenses.

Position the lens on the end of your index finger with the curved edge facing upwards so it looks like a little bowl for a fairy.

Carefully take one lens at a time out of the case. No rush, you can’t rush beauty.

Examine the lens for rips or dust. If the lens is damaged do not use. If there are dust particles, simply rinse with a little lens solution. To avoid irritation make sure the lens isn’t dry.

Gently lift the eyelid away from the eye, and while looking up place the lens on the eye using a slow motion. Be a smooth operator.

It is a common reflex to blink when moving a lens towards your eye, it’s just your eye defending itself. Try exhaling before you move the lens towards your eye. Secondly, you can practice pulling back the eyelid and moving your finger towards your eye without a lens to get used to the smooth motion. Patience and practise.

Release the eyelid, look left and then right, and then blink a few times. You can make sure the lens is placed over the iris by checking in the mirror to delicately position the lens in its correct place.

If you feel discomfort, don’t worry. Calmly remove the lens, rinse with lens solution and try again. It’s a new sensation for your eye so it may just take a couple times getting used to it.

If you’re not a cyclopse then you’ll need to repeat the process for the other eye.

Well done! You’ve successfully inserted your color contact lenses. Go get ‘em tiger!


Removing Colored Contact Lenses

Usually colored contact lenses are safe to wear for approximately eight hours before needing more solution, giving you plenty of time to dance the night away. However some of our crazy designs are better for shorter time periods. We understand you may be very fond of your colored contact lenses but you must avoid sleeping, swimming or bathing whilst wearing them.

To make the removal proccess as easy as possible, make sure you’re in a well-lit location, with your lens case and solution to hand.

Your paws must be pristine. You want to avoid having water or soap particles on your hands so there will be no irritation.

Using one hand pull back both the top and bottom eyelids. With the other hand, gently slide the lense to the outer corner of your eye.

Using your thumb and index finger gently squeeze the lens to release it from the eye. This may take some practise, so have a tissue and a bucket of patience to hand if your eyes begin to water.

Place the lens in the palm of your hand with the curved side facing upwards. Pour a few drops of lens solution onto the lens to revitalise its beauty.

Place the lens in the storage case and cover with new clean lens solution to allow the lenses to rest comfortably, and awake fresh as a daisy for their next use.

Repeat this easy process for the other eye. You can purchase all our Contact Lens Solution and Storage cases from the Accessories category.


Cleaning Your Colored Contact Lenses

You want to get the maximum life from your colored contact lenses, but we hand this baton to you after you purchase our lenses. They will certainly last if you make sure you keep them clean and handle them with care. They just want to feel loved.

To keep them happy and healthy, always clean your lenses between uses and if you are in any doubt, no harm in cleaning them again. Dust particles or hairs on the lenses feel terrible in your eye and may damage the lens. Don’t treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em clean.

Ensure your hands are clean and dry, then place the lovely lens in the palm of your hand like a little fairy bowl and pour a few drops of solution onto the lens. Give it a gentle massage for 15-30 seconds, these little lenses need some serious TLC.

Pop the lens back in the storage case and cover with fresh lens solution.


Basic Guidance For Using Colored Contact Lenses

Sharing may be caring, but never share your colored contact lenses with anyone else.

Say no to H20. Never swim, shower or bathe with your contact lenses in, the water will damage the lens.

Never sleep with your contact lenses in. No one can see them anyway with your eyes closed!

Don’t wear dry, damaged or dirty lenses. Take good care of them.

Strongly advise to not wear the lenses for longer than the recommended period, which is generally 8 hours. Respect your eyes and don’t let the lenses outstay their welcome.

Never wear your lenses after their lifespan - whether daily, 90 day or annual. We’re afraid you should discard them once they have expired. Or, you could frame them and put them on your mantelpiece... or not.

Always handle your lenses with clean, dry hands.

Freshen up your lenses between every use.

Colored contact lenses are sensitive flowers, handle them with care to avoid ripping or tearing them and upsetting them deeply.

 Always read the manufacturer’s instructions, they know best.

Remove the lenses if they behave badly and cause irritation or redness.

Consult your doctor if symptons of irritation or redness persist once the lenses have been removed.


Contact Lenses Sizes Explained

We have many different sizes available for your pleasure, however the standard size for all EyeCandyLenses contacts is 14mm diameter, excluding all Big Eye branded lenses, which are 15mm. 14mm is the approximate size of most people’s iris (learn something new everyday!) and is suitable for covering your natural eye color.

The Big Eye range, which can be found in the Fashion lens category, is ideal for you if you are a Cosplayer and a fan of Manga and Anime. This is due to the slightly larger sized lens making a dramatic difference to the overall look.

The diameter of the lens refers to the width of the wides point of the lenses, from edge to edge, whilst the Base Curve refers to the inside curvature of the lens and should match the cornea to feel comfortable. Most lenses have a base curve of between 8 and 10; the larger the base curve the flatter the lens.

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