Bollywood BrideEveryone loves a good wedding. Isn’t it a great chance to get dolled up, done your heels, get a bit teary and then get a bit sloshed. And let’s not forget the treat that is dancing the night away to YMCA with your doddery old uncle who insists on teasing you about having a boyfriend (let’s forget the fact that you’re 30 and have been in a serious relationship for years!) whilst simultaneously being hampered with obligatory ‘your next’ comments from well-meaning aunties!


Weddings… you gotta love them!


No matter where you’re from, a wedding is a big occasion.  Always an event rich in tradition and colour, weddings vary depending on geography, religion, taste and style! Whether you’re a white gown and veil type or you’re more for the henna and exotic red sari’s of a traditional Indian wedding, weddings have one thing in common….. the bride is the star of the show!


Down to the very last detail, the bride is the beauty. From elegant flowers, to the most elaborate accessories and let’s not forget the gown; every detail is considered! Here at Eye Candy Lenses we pay attention to the detail of your bridal makeup, and to put the finishing touch to your big day, why not accentuate those eyes with some fashion lenses.


Coloured contact lenses will add that dramatic touch and make your eyes shine. Of course, if you are going for a themed wedding, perhaps our black out lenses would be more apt for a gothic theme or some Dolly Blue contact lenses great for a Cosplay theme but most people want to go for something a little subtler perhaps our Colourvue Grey Glamour Contact lenses would work - don't worry we have both.


And let’s not forget the guests, it’s not politically correct to outshine the bride, however with our novelty contact lenses, you’ll be giving her a run for her money!


So this wedding season, have a blast, celebrate with friends and family and look fabulous whilst you do it! Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration.


A very happy wedding to all; find love and happiness with one another!

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