The institution that is Vogue; what can you say about it?!

Everything that epitomises glamour, fashion, trend and style. Many have imitated, but I don’t think the reputation of Vogue can ever be quelled.

Vogue's Beauty ObsessionRight from the word go Vogue has forged the way for all things Fashion. From the beautiful illustrations featured on the covers from the magazines inception, moving forward to display heroins of the day like Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor. And let’s also pay homage to the iconic 60s Twiggy, and the rise and reign of the 90s supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford – all championed by the trend setting magazine.

So move up to date and Vogue is still making icons out of its cover stars – with amazing photography and fantastic art direction, the likes of Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and even Michelle Obama are emerging as current style icons of the day.

Vogue's Beauty ObsessionEye Candy Lenses are lucky enough to have bagged a feature in the November issue of Vogue. Endorsed by Vogue, ‘Vogue’s Beauty Obsession’ showcases loads of fantastic products sure to enhance your style, including a fashion lenses.

So Vogue, we salute you!

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Iconic Vogue Cover  Vintage Vogue Illustration Liz Taylor Vogue Cover 
Cindy Crawford Vogue Cover Emma Watson Vogue Cover  Kristen Stewart Vogue Cover