If there’s an acceptable day to spend gazing into the eyes of a special someone, it’s Valentine’s Day. To ensure you have the sexy eye look down, we’ve picked out our selection of Valentine’s Day fashion contact lenses for you!


For the extreme Valentine’s Day lovers:

Valentinez Crazy Contact Lenses £17.99

If you want everyone to see the love in your eyes this Valentine’s – there’s no better way to do it than with these heart shaped lenses.













For the subtle sexy dater:












Violet Glamour Lenses £15.99


Especially selected from our Glamour range, these violet lenses are perfect for any Valentine’s Date outfit that needs livening up with a splash of dramatic effect.


For the Valentine’s temptresses:


Purple Coloured Lenses £12.99


While it’s hardly an ordinary eye colour, these purple lenses will stand out, day or night, leaving you with plenty of attention!


Remember, Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away so don’t waste any time!

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