Step into Spring with bright eyes and a bushy tail!

Spring is in the air and celebrities are out in force dazzling us with their sparkling eyes at many an award ceremony and event. Let's be honest, they're getting some help aren't they, well that's what we all hope! Take for example Amanda Seyfried, famous for her blonde locks, smooth complexion and dazzling green eyes, her look can be achieved simply with some natural Green Block Colored Contact Lenses. Contact Lenses aren't only for those who are a bit wacky, they're not all fancy dress or Cosplay crazy, to accentuate your natural colour with a little help can make a big difference.

And colored contact lenses is not just a woman's game either. The film 'Limitless' has recently been on the TV, Bradley Cooper swooning and melting hearts everywhere with those icey blues! We think he's wearing contacts, what do you think? Even for those with natural blue eyes, a set of Eye Candy Lenses blue lenses can add dimension and depth to your look. Why not have a go, we've a great selection to choose from and they are great fun.


ColourVue Aqua Glamour Blue Blend Colored Contact Lenses 3 Tone Blue Blend Colored Contact Lenses

Bradley Cooper

Amanda Seyfried

Green 3 Tone Coloured Contact LensesNatural Green Colored Contact Lenses