Undoubtedly last year was an epic year for sport. From the London 2012 Olympics, where the whole world stood mesmerized, to great seasons of football, golf and tennis alike. So what does 2013 hold, can we measure up to the successes and excitement of last year?! Well, there’s a lot queued up and supporting your country is the best way to recreate the buzz that made last year so special.

So what’s coming up?

Well of course there’s the London Marathan. At the end of the month, thousands will be traipsing the streets of London and if that is an opportunity to get dressed up in a silly costume for your favorite charity I don’t know what is! Here at Eye Candy Lenses we have colored contact lenses that are the perfect finishing touch to your novelty fun-day costume.

There’s also loads of ideas and inspiration under our patterned contact lenses category, why not have a look.

And what about the FA Cup, who will your favourite team be? Are you a die-hard Man City fan or is it Man U; Chelsea or West Ham? Whatever your team of choice, support them by doning the team colours with our colored contact lenses selection.

Of course there are many sporting events this year that simply require a little patriotism. Eye Candy Lenses have a great selection of flag contact lenses, so show your true colours and support with this quirky eye accessory.


See our a few colored contact lenses from our range below.

British Flag Contact Lenses Argentina Flag Contact Lenses Welsh Flag Contact Lenses
British Flag Contact Lenses     Argentinian Flag Contact Lenses     Welsh Flag Contact Lenses
Brazil Flag Contact Lenses French Flag Contact Lenses Italian Flag Contact Lenses
 Brazilian Flag Contact Lenses    French Flag Contact Lenses Italian Flag Contact Lenses