Runways are the perfect ground for crazy themes and looks… in fact they’re known for it. Let’s be honest, however much we like the clothes, some couture is not meant for every day life!

So to compliment our coloured contact lenses, we’ve compiled a few of our favourites to give you some inspiration from the 2013 season.

We definitely find two camps when it comes to the makeup and styling of couture fashion. You have the fabulously crazy and you have the barely there crew.

With the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Louise Grey and Manish Arora flying the flag for the over-the-top and wonderful, and Valentino and Louis Vuitton donning the fresh and clean looks, the catwalk provides a wealth of inspiration for fancy dress, every day street style and much more.


Vivienne Westwood

Is anyone else thinking ‘The Hunger Games’ here! Bright colours combined with crazy hair and accessories! Some bright pink elf glow lenses would look amazing next to the mint green eyeshadow.

Vivienne Westwood  Vivienne Westwood  Pink Glow Contact Lenses 

Manish Arora

Cyborg-tastic. Definitely don’t think this is a look for the supermarket! Add some cyborg coloured contact lenses for that finishing touch, or perhaps some black screen lenses for an even more haunting look.

Manish Arora Cyborg Colored Contact Lenses Black Out Contact Lenses

Louise Gray

Actually quite a simple look here, could be made more outlandish with some white out contact lenses or subtler with some natural Hazel 3 tone contact lenses.

Louise Gray White Out Colored Contact Lenses Hazel 3 tone Coloured Contact Lenses

Louis Vuitton

Louis’ definitely capturing the 60s with his 2013 collection. Definitely an opportunity for some natural fashion contact lenses here. Our natural brown contact lenses would compliment a wide range of skin tones here. 

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Natural Brown Contact Lenses


King of the barely there this season, Valentino combines simple clean tones, so our natural lenses would work a treat here. Try our blue grey contact lenses or our glamour green contact lenses for a soft look.

Valentino Glamour Green Contact Lenses Blue Grey Colored Contact Lenses


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