How many of us trawl the web trying to find inspiration for the latest looks out there?! There are certainly no shortage of blogs and websites trying to win our attention. Well in this series we will talk the best of the best, starting with:

Self-professed, ‘leading social beauty platform’, this website has everything you could want when it comes to beauty inspiration. Beautiful eye-catching imagery displayed simply makes for an easy user experience; clean navigation and a fantastic selection of looks and styles, make it a one-stop shop.


The Eyes Section

What’s great about this section is you can filter the category by eye colour, offering you such a wide range of looks you couldn’t possibly go away without a new idea or two. In addition, offer suggestions on products to recreate the look, purchasable from their site – great!

There are subtle looks.

Subtle Eye Makeup Look 1 Subtle Eye Makeup Look 2 

Then there are the slightly crazier.

Party Makeup Look 1 Party Makeup Look 2 

And then there are the downright mad!

Crazy Makeup Look 1 Crazy Makeup Look 2 

Upload a Look

This feature is easy and enables you to interact with directly. You can upload your own beauty images to the site. It gives you clear instructions on how to make your image fit for the site and upload away, your inspiration available for all to see.


Tutorials / Beginners Crash Course

A fantastic feature that shows you the how-to guide of a wide range of looks, styles and techniques; from hair up dos, to funky nails and of course, Eye Candy Lenses favourite, the low down on all things ‘Eye’ (colored contact lenses would go down a treat with loads of these styles – click here to buy colored contact lenses).  Check out two tutorials we quite like!

1. Purple, Peach & Navy Blue

Not got the natural green eyes necessary to achieve this look? Follow the link to our colored contact lenses range where you can get our Green Yellow Contact Lenses.

Purple, Peach and Navy Blue Makeup Tutorial Green Yellow Colored Contact Lenses 

2. Rainbow Leopard

Perhaps you could make this look really animal-tastic with some of our patterned contact lenses. These Colourvision Aqua Cat Contact lenses would do the job nicely.

Rainbow Leopard Makeup Tutorial Colourvision Aqua Cat Colored Contact Lenses 


Well done for creating a site full of useful and creative info, keeping the beauty world thinking and creating. Keep it up! 


Of course, here at Eye Candy Lenses we believe that all our lenses can compliment a huge number of these looks. From patterned contact lenses for feisty features, to subtle blends in our Fashion Contact Lenses range, have a look for the whole eye package.

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