There are lots of funky styles and color themes out there at the moment. The general trend is towards a striking block color spattered throughout your whole outfit; everything from your lips, to your nails, jeans to your handbag… everything! So let’s review a couple of looks that we’ve found!


There’s orange-tastic in the ‘Only Way Is Essex’ kind of way, and then there’s glamour queen goddess orange, which we love, a real fresh new look! Loads of celebs are wearing the orange tang with style. It suits a variety of skin tones, from the caramel tones of Rihanna and Jessica Alba, to the cool tones of January Jones and Zooey Deschanel; find the right shade of orange for you and you’re off to a winner.

Of course, you can be subtle or striking with it; a funky orange nail can go a long way teamed with a bright handbag. But if you want to go all out and embrace the neon, then why not match a bright lip with some of our Citrus colored contact lenses or Orange Colour Block Contact lenses from our colored contact lens range. Don’t bring out the orange frock at the same time though, we don’t want you to look like a pumpkin, (unless that’s what you’re going for, wouldn’t that make a cool Halloween costume, pictures of anyone attempting it please!)




Summer Trend - Orange Lipstick Summer Trend - Orange Nails

Summer Trend - Citrus Colored Contact Lenses

Summer Trend - Orange Block Contact Lenses
Summer Trend - Rihanna Summer Trend - Jessica Alba Summer Trend - Zooey Deschanel Summer Trend - January Jones



A real classic tone; how many of us as kids had a vast array of pink nail varnishes, lipsticks, dolls, crayons, clothes and much more. And let’s be honest, whilst we have grown up and our tastes may have become a little more sophisticated, at the core, us girls love pink!

Here at Eye Candy Lenses central, we heart the baby pink tones of these funky nails, right through to the hot pink lips of this summery offering. Why not go for a soft and feminine look with our Barbie Pink Contact Lenses or a UV Glow Pink Contact Lenses for a crazy festival look this summer. Pink is a versatile colour for a summer look, pale and interesting, to aluminous, there’s a pink for everyone.

So what are your favourite trends? What colours are you going to be wearing this summer (apart from mud colored at the festivals of course!) Keep us up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We always love to see what’s going on with the Eye Candy crew!

Summer Trend - Pink Lips Summer Trend - Pink Nails


Summer Trend - Barbie Pink Contact lenses



Summer Trend - Pink Contact Lenses