Where better than the glittering world of celebrity to glean some fancy dress inspiration this summer. From the over-the-top crazy to the quietly subtle, celebs have got it down when it comes to a good party costume!

Here are some of our favourites.

Fearne Cotton

Ingenious – Cupcake! I’m sure there’s a Celebrity Juice joke in there somewhere…. And speaking of Celebrity Juice!

Fearne Cotton in Fancy Dress


Keith Lemon

I think Keith Lemon is a fancy dress costume in himself. Throw on a ‘strawberry blond’ wig and tash, a trade mark 70s shirt and and you’re surely good to go!

Keith Lemon


Kimberley Walsh

Now technically Kimberley isn’t in fancy dress as she was playing Princess Fiona in Shrek, but we still think she deserves a mention!

Kimberley Walsh, Princess Fiona, Shrek


Kim Kardashian

Well when doing our research, it would appear that Miss Kardashian is rather a fan of the old dressing up game. Here are a few of the best we found -  Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Splash Mermaid – keep it up Kim!

Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy Kim Kardashian as a Splash Mermaid


Perez Hilton

What a man, this Gaga costume is awesome.

Perez Hilton as Lady GaGa

Katy Perry

Love your vampy style Katy, crown and all!

Katy Perry as a Vampire





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Happy fancy dress all.
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