Isn't it better to see the real thing!

We all know that when you buy colored contact lenses it can sometimes be hard to tell what they will look like from only the pictures provided. After all, some lenses are transparent, some blend between different colours and some are fully opaque, so predicting exactly how they will react with your own eye colour can be difficult.

Well here's a great example of our lenses in action. Beauty blogger Shreya Jain, has kindly put together a how-to video and review of some of our blue lenses. What’s particularly great is that you can see how dark her natural eye color is and how by simply inserting some blue lenses how it has completely changed her look. It’s also a great testament to how easy putting lenses in really is, as Shreya is a first time user and manages quite successfully.



The lenses that Shreya is wearing are our Natural 3tone Blue lenses, which you can purchase by following the link.

 Natural Blue 3tone Contact Lenses

You can also view a wide selection of natural Fashion lenses, UV lenses, Movie Contact lenses, Patterned lenses, Lens Solution and much more.

Many thanks to Shreya for her kind review, you can see more from her by following the details below.

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