Yey, it’s Halloween at Eye Candy Lenses central. And what does that mean, it means cobwebs, pumpkins, zombies, Halloween costumes and general awesome gruesomeness.


We love October at Eye Candy Lenses, it’s the month of witchery and ghoulish delight! There’s nothing better than planning your perfect Halloween party. There is so much to think about. So to give you some inspiration for this cursed month, we have a run down of our favourite Halloween tips!

First and Foremost – The Costume.

From witch to wizard, zombie to cartoon character there is a wealth of inspiration to be had. Just look at some of our favourites, all featured on our Halloween Pinterest board.


Quick Tips

- Use a white base, some bloodshot coloured lenses and some smudges of black and red for a quick and easy zombie!


- Go all out with some white lenses for a corpse bride look, and of course the blue facepaint could be used for an Avatar costume on another occasion!


- For a simple and classy look, why not opt for a spider web scrawled across the eye.


Zombie Costume Corpse Bride Costume Spider Eye Makeup


Next, The Decoration

No Halloween party would be complete without a suitably ghoulish haunt to terrify and electrify your guests! Look at some the gorgeous get ups we’ve found.


Quick Tips

- Fill some stripy tights with foam and use as wicked witch feet crushed under your house – Wizard of Oz style.


- Hang up orange bunting for an instant Halloweeny feel!


- Paint some plastic cups with ghoulish faces, put an electric candle inside and hey presto instant novelty appeal.


Halloween Decor Witch Decor Pumpkin Carvings


Finally, The Food
Don’t overlook the importance of the buffet when it comes to your party aspirations. Being creative with your edibles will bring that extra flair sure to delight your friends and family. Get a load of some of the interesting things we’ve found.


Quick Tips

- Carve out a pumpkin, put a class bowl inside and fill with ice for an instant drinks cooler!


- Fill a surgical glove with water and freeze for an ice cube with a difference


- Asparagus can easily be transformed to witches decapitated fingers and melon can easily be carved to look like a brain!


Melon Brain Hand Ice Witch fingers


Pumpkin Drinks Cooler

Ghoulish Halloween Decorations


Jump on our Facebook page for the opportunity to win lenses and more and why not post your efforts, we’d love to see them! Of course, there’s loads more inspiration on our Pinterest page and let’s not forget there are loads of Halloween contact lenses to scour throughout our whole website. Order soon so they reach you in time for your Halloween parties!


Happy Halloween everyone, we hope you enjoy your fiendish festivities!


From all at Eye Candy Lenses x