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About Us

Have you ever thought there was something missing from your outfit? Do you want something special to let you stand out from the crowd? Well we have the answer with our vast range of color, patterned, movie and many more contact lenses. Eye Candy Lenses can now give you the chance to express yourself with your eyes and make a statement, whether it is day or night. We do a range of colored contact lenses such as blue, green, red, brown and many more, but for something funky and different we also provide theatrical and patterned lenses. Have you ever wanted to be like Batman, or maybe even look like Bella from Twilight? Well, Eye Candy Lenses have the solution. The latest ranges of contact lenses from Eye Candy Lenses are bound to be a great asset to your wardrobe. 

Eye Candy Lenses are a contact lens company specializing in cosmetic and crazy contact lenses and lens care products. We are fully committed to combine our leading industrial knowledge, expertise and research resources to produce the best quality products using the latest innovation in both design and technology. Our products are marketed worldwide, to distributors, both high street and online retailers. Our steady expansion illustrates the strength of our product quality, lens comfort and exceptional customer service.


Colored contact lenses are ever changing and at Eye Candy Lenses we can guarantee you will be spot on trend.

Even though our contact lenses are made to a high quality, it is important to remember that the natural eye color has an effect on the look of all colored contact lenses, including the patterned ones. Those with particularly dark eyes may struggle to obtain a natural looking light-eye. This is to be expected and is consistent across all of our contact lens ranges. Colored contact lenses can also affect vision, so it is advised that you practice wearing lenses before driving, as your eyes may need time to adjust.

To ensure safety and consistent quality, all of our products are manufactured in a stringent quality-controlled environment in ISO9001- and GMP-approved facilities using the latest contact lens manufacturing technology. Our products are manufactured under the same rules governing European CE approval, which is also accepted in most other parts of the world.

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